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I'm a left-handed goofball who loves cats and frogs, so in another time folks might have mistaken me for a witch.

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"[Hurst] polishes up the group's vocal chops, but things get complicated when all four boys fall in love with her, along with every man in the audience."

- Mail Tribune

"[Hurst's] Lois is both endearing and sexy with an amazing voice and vocal range."

-Ashland Daily Tidings

"Heather. . .[does] excellent double duty in numerous but less-than-large roles. As it has been stated for decades, there are no small parts in the theater and [she] prove[s] the point..."

-The Hartford Examiner

"Heather [Hurst] as Grace Farrell also impressed. . . She looked the part perfectly as Oliver Warbuck's personal assistant becoming ally and confidant to the young Annie while maintaining posture and presence in both the orphanage and beside Mr. Warbucks. She had a knack for delivering her lines in such a way that perfectly communicated underlying meanings. . . " 


-Applause, Applause

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